John J. Mullaney

John J. MullaneyJack has been active in electronics since 1968, and while earning his B.E.E. at Catholic University of America, he was employed by various companies as an engineering technician. Before becoming President of Mullaney Engineering, Inc., Jack was an electronic engineering officer with the U.S. Air Force. In that capacity he was actively engaged in engineering tasks associated with maintenance and engineering support for weapon systems currently under acquisition by the Air Force. His responsibilities included hardware and software support on the E-3A Airborne Warning And Control Systems (AWACS) and the B-1 Bomber. He was selected as the single electronic engineer to participate on a task force set up to sell the AWACS to European allies.

He has provided consultation concerning F.C.C. approval of applications for AM, FM, TV, DTV, Low Power TV (LPTV), Multipoint Distribution System (MDS), microwave stations & Spread Spectrum Communication systems. In addition, he has done a considerable amount of work to computerize the many engineering calculations that are required to be performed on a daily basis. Some of his designs include a program which optimizes the final solution of a directional antenna system through the method of least squares analysis and a program which solves a set of simultaneous complex linear equations to help in the design of RF networks for the proper phasing of a broadcast array.