Our Proposal

BMC has spent a considerable amount of time developing a comprehensive plan for the use of Channels 5 and 6 (76-88 MHz). BMC offers the following for consideration:

  1. Relocate the low power FM (LPFM) service to a portion of this band;
  2. Expand the noncommercial educational (NCE) service into a portion of this band; and
  3. Reallocate all AM stations to the remaining available space in this spectrum over an expanded period of time with digital transmission only.

The benefits flowing from these proposals are enormous for LPFM, NCE, and AM stations. Below are just a few examples:

  • LPFM’s will have their own protected spectrum allocation, providing space for many more LPFM facilities, reducing overcrowding in the current FM Band, and eliminating current levels of received/offered interference from full-powered stations.
  • The elimination of existing adjacent Channel 6 television stations would offer existing NCE stations and NCE translators an opportunity to expand their services, in addition to providing space for more new NCE facilities.
  • AM stations would be modernized and their coverages improved to the level of FM service, while multiple-tower arrays would be virtually eliminated reducing land and infrastructure costs.

Read a  PDF copy of the full proposal here.